a few birthday wishes
small space style


5. O pillow  6. Borghese mirror  7. Zebra rug  8. Initial canvas tote  9. Flower of the Month

just a few {small space + fun design} wishes on my birthday...



5 Responses to "a few birthday wishes
small space style


Jordana @ White Cabana said... 2/15/2011

Adding the dainty little horseshoe necklace to my wishlist too! It's so pretty!

Holly said... 2/15/2011

#3 - Those shoes are amazing!

Shannon Summers said... 2/15/2011

The shoes oh the shoes!

LiveLikeYou said... 2/15/2011

Check, check, check, check--I want all those things. Hopefully someone close to you is reading your blog!!

flower delivery said... 2/22/2011

Oh..those shoes are simply divine..I instantly felt in love with them in a moment I saw them in SATC 2! BTW great wish list - you have a really good taste:)

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