5 ways to completely makeover your small space...for free!

While it's fun to splurge on an item, it's also just as rewarding to create a look or design without spending any money at all. Of course, you'll be spending time but, to me, that's the cool part - creating something for yourself, with yourself. I wanted to share five {financially free} ways to completely make over your small space and, in return, feel good in your space.

*Flip your space
*Hand-drawn layout
*Leaves and flowers
*Create your own art
*Edit {take out and add in}

:: before ::

 :: after ::

My friends and family are all too familiar with my *changing* style. I just love to mix it up and often change, revise and edit my small space. So when after six months of living in my small space, they weren't not surprised to see that I had completely flipped my living room. I realized that if I moved my couch to the window-filled wall that I would have more square footage to use. I kept my built-in units where they were. Best tip - live in your space for a bit and change it up if you are feeling antsy. You can always change it back - give it a shot!

When I moved in last summer, I had created a hand-drawn layout to help me create the flow as I moved my things in. This mini-guide gave me a sense of structure when the boxes and furniture showed up.

I've posted this one before and love it - leaves or fallen flowers from right outside your door can makeover your space, providing fab color + texture.

Almost all of my framed "art" in my space are photos I snapped myself or images from magazines that completely inspired me. I love that when I walk by this shot of my new Christian Louboutin heels, it reminds me of a great night out in LA last summer. Plus I love the look of the tile and mirror. I just did a little photoshop to the images, printed out the photos on my color printer and used a frame that I already had - love!

:: before :: 

:: after ::

Like tip one above, consider editing your space by removing a piece or accent or adding on a piece or accent. I had these zebra ottomans in the main room and, after a while, I just wasn't feeling them anymore. They have since found a new home in my bedroom and my main room feels bigger to me now. And if you don't have a place for your edited item to go, place it in storage or even consider loaning it to a friend who could use it in their own space.

:: photo two by @typefiend and all others by @lovelivesmall ::



17 Responses to "5 ways to completely makeover your small space...for free!"

Ashley @ A {Blonde's} DIY Life said... 2/09/2011

I'm in love with your mirrored side table! Great tips by the way! Its always so difficult when living in a small space!

Audrey Crisp said... 2/09/2011

Amazing!! Was wondering where you got that magazine holder?? : )

Unknown said... 2/10/2011

Great tips! I love rearranging my furniture when I feel like a change :)

Allison said... 2/10/2011

Yea, I also really love your mirrored side table. I need one!!
Generally, your whole living room is awesome. I wish I could use a similar arrangement in my living room with bookcases, alas, I have a very open floor plan. Do you have advice on how to arrange open floor plans? I feel very limited with arrangements (like, the TV has to be against a wall so the wires don't hang out, etc)

NoPotCooking said... 2/10/2011

My husband loves to move the furniture around in our house! I love that turquoise lamp. Must have! Where is it from?

Amy said... 2/10/2011

I just bought a 900 sq.ft. house and I love discovering new ways to make the spaces work. I "need" to rearrange at least one room every 6 months or so and it always feels fresh whether it works "better" or not :)

Anonymous said... 2/10/2011

oh please do tell where those fabulous mirrored side tables come from...love, love, love!!!

Lindsey Suggs said... 2/10/2011

I love your wall color. Can you tell us what it is?

Nastassja said... 2/11/2011

You've inspired me to edit my space (I'm just not sure if it works!)

Have a look!


Anonymous said... 2/12/2011

Love the mirrored side tables. They look really familiar. Where are they from?

Katy said... 2/12/2011

Fabulous blog! Love the before and afters. You have an amazing eye for design. Keep it up!

Have an incredible weekend & a lovely Valentine's Day.

xo Katy

loving. living. small. said... 2/12/2011

Thanks, Katy :) And everyone - your comments are amazing! The table is from Two's Company that I was able to buy wholesale through the showroom.

The Glam Lamb said... 2/13/2011

that mirrored cylinder/garden stool/side table is AMAZZZING

Anonymous said... 2/20/2011

Hi Rebecca, I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I too wonder where you got your ladder/magazine holder. Also, can you recommend some more affordable stores/flea markets in NYC and San Francisco for furniture/design from your time there? Thanks so much, I can't wait to see more from you.

loving. living. small. said... 2/21/2011

Definitely do the Alameda flea in San Francisco. I think it's the first Sunday of every month in Alameda. It has hundreds of stalls. As for NYC, there are street fleas on weekends. I actually don't really know set ones but I am sure you can find some good stuff. I personally like ABC Carpet and Home in NYC for interior inspiration. So much to see there - it's like a design museum - great window shopping.

Anonymous said... 3/05/2011

I just came across your blog and am IN LOVE! My last place in Downtown LA was 667 sq ft and it was so fun to design in. My next move is to London where I'm likely to have less than 1,000 sq ft. In fact, perhaps less than my LA place! Looking forward to following and being inspired!

la la Lovely said... 3/14/2011

Love this post and idea. I seem to have a hard time just re-arranging my book shelves. Feeling inspired now! And your dog. I think he/she makes the space!
xo Trina

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