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A Nolita Flat

Welcome back to small space dwellers, my little series about real people's spaces and small space solutions right inside. When I saw this interior on my fave small space flickr  stream (if you don't check out this one - you should! A great collection of small space interiors), I thought it was a great space - fun, modern, comfortable with touches personal whimsy. I especially love the white palette that the owner used - a great small space decor idea. Let's check out how this white works for small homes. 

Simple and stylish - all white palettes keep small spaces clean, cohesive and pretty. I absolutely love the look of all white rooms  and think it's a great opportunity to emphasize your style by using the white to guide the design.

The white palette is the perfect place to show moments of color, like the pink accents throughout the space. I love the artwork with touches of pink to tie in the room.

Another small space idea is to group your decor in collections to provide a controlled design. In this space, the owner grouped a collection of artwork.

Incorporating a floating sense of design - furniture with legs or acrylic decor - allows the eye to  keep moving. I love the Ghost chairs around the table - a great way to breakup the boldness of the kitchen table.

I just mentioned this one - furniture with legs. It's such a great small space idea. The pink accent chairs showcase this look well. This style of furniture and decor does not break up the movement in the room and lets the eye continue to go around the room. And I also love how she placed the pink chairs on an angle, creating a conversation zone - another small space idea.

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Do you have a fantastic small space? Email me a few photos and I'll get you into the series.



2 Responses to "small space dweller
a white palette

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said... 11/03/2010

LOVE this! I think that whether one lives in a small space or not, one can take so many ideas from these concepts. Simplicity and functionality is beautiful, no matter how big or small.

rebecca said... 11/05/2010

this space is just perfect. i have the same white dining table in my tiny ny apartment as well. love your blog!!

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