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If you are like me then, oh, well, you get completely sucked into design blog after design blog until you realize a few hours have passed and you now want to completely redecorate your home. hmm? Yes this happens to me. a lot. I call this living on DESIGN TIME. I find so many fantastic blogs that I want to talk about so I have decided to start a little series where I capture my *lost in time* moments.

My most recent DESIGN TIME was spent going to a few fashion, interior, lifestyle blogs. I am planning a trip to Portland soon so I went to design* to check out Grace's city guide. Love this resource - all of the cities listed are so full of places to shop, eat and visit that my travel list has grown quite substantially. I love that Grace has often asked local bloggers to review and profile the city. The designsponge city guide is the place to check out before traveling to one of these many cities listed.

Once there, I found Shopping is my Cardio (the cute blogger, Becki, that covered Portland shopping for the post) and spent tons of time checking out her picks for best shopping, dining and all around gems in Portland. She often shares local Portland artists on her site (like the painting below) as well as shopping deals and sales - like one on that very cool and shiny necklace.I love that she also consults with shops on their look and feel - great gig, right?

Next I found a link to Covet, a cool and chic shop in Portland that is full of classic and indie fashion designers. I love the look and feel of the site and the building that it's located in - don't you love a brick building? I definitely do - reminds my of New York. Plus their shop is gorgeous!

I was inspired by fashion after seeing their shop and clicked on my Pinterest page to see what gems my community that I follow had uploaded. Seriously, this is my daily inspiration place. Everyday. There is SO much style and design right here - I can definitely dedicate a design time post to this site alone. many of them, in fact. Part of my pinterest page is shown below - you definitely should go and check out all of the great pins. Fair warning - hours can be easily lost getting drawn into the beautiful imagery.

I found a great Lonny image that then led me to Melissa of Ruby Press PR's blog. I had met Melissa this past summer at the Nesting Newbies shoot. She is *very* sweet and her PR company rocks. While I was spending, oh, an hour or so going through her lovely blog, I discovered a very cool and new blog called I Want To Be Her!

I want to be her! is the brainchild of Lucky magazine contributor, Andrea Linnet (ya know, the page she edited of her fave finds and an illustration of her?) She now has a new blog that takes this idea further, showcasing stylish ladies. And, yes, I want to be many of them :)

From there I linked back to Pinterest and checked out their blog. Like my a small chat interview series, they have one called Pinterviews, showcasing members of the community. There I discovered Tiger, a design blogger covering all things Scandanvia. Of course, I was hooked and more design time spent later, I found her blog for Elle Interiors called D.I.Y. or DIE (clever, right?!) Such great ideas in here - *love* this one where you color the inside of a glass.

Then I looked at the clock and - wowza - had time gone by. I am excited to share these mini blogging adventures with you guys and I'd love to hear about yours. Check back soon for my next DESIGN TIME, I am sure it won't be long until I get sucked back in. :)

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design sponge, d.i.y. or die, i want to be her, shopping is my cardio, pinterest, covet and the ruby press blog


Lauren said... 12/02/2010

This is wonderful! My brain works exactly this way. I find myself going down so many rabbit holes while browsing online!

hayesdesigns said... 1/16/2011

awesome post, im obsessed with design sponge as well... on her site MULTIPLE times a day getting inspired!!

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