design spotting | palm springs
part 1. clever conversation areas.

design spotting | palm springs | clever conversation areas

I had such a sweet mini trip last week to Palm Springs - the weather was warm, the desert environment was stunning and the design inspiration was everywhere. The drive to Palm Springs from Los Angels is a quick 90 minutes and it's a pretty drive. I love seeking inspiration in cityscapes and Palm Springs offers some great small space design ideas.

My first design spotting were all the gorgeous and comfortable conversation areas. I visited a few of the well-known hotels in the area and I loved all the design looks inside. Of course there would be tons of conversations in a hotel :) but they really translate to real life living and I am excited to share some with you.

More Works >>
Have you noticed all the chairs in some of these groupings? Love this and it works! Small, intimate spaces can be designed to feel comfortable and welcoming without overwhelming. Small spaces can have more chairs or more lamps - whatever you need - as long as it feels balanced.

Mix and match >>
The colors and patterns may come from different sides of the design spectrum but often, it works. Find a shape or a style that fits and work around that. The colors or patterns will flow together.  I love the contrast of these areas - they are sophisticated with a twist of eclectic edge.

Wall Style >>
Have you noticed all the cool wall style happening in these conversation areas? Aside from a coffee or side table, the conversation areas are adorned withe cool consoles and art. Going vertical also helps anchor a conversation area that may need additional balance.

Check out this week's design spotting in Palm Springs

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2 Responses to "design spotting | palm springs
part 1. clever conversation areas.


annie@mostlovelythings said... 11/15/2010

Clever conversation areas -- what a perfect name. Everything just works. The different colors, styles, arrangements, textures. So inspiring!

Rebecca @ Digital Dollhouse said... 11/15/2010

I love how your knees would almost touch in some of those circles... and the greens the oranges! amazing. Palm Springs is such a fun newtome place to explore. I felt like I was in a time warp!

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