fab bike storage for small spaces

When I got my sweet orange beach cruiser last year, I wasn't quite sure where to store it. Super fun to ride but kind of big and clunky for my small space. To be honest, I am still looking for a bike storage in the home idea (click here to see my bike just hanging out in the background in the main room

I've read a few ideas for bike storage but I've been looking for a more functional idea and think I may have found it. Loving this bike shelf by talented designer, Chris, of Knife & Saw. A super clever way to use your wall (go vertical, yes!) cool and stylin, I think this bike shelf could be a very cool addition to my small space. It's a bit pricey but looks well-made so more to come on this one. What do you think of this bike storage idea? Have a good one to share?

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laurenne said... 11/30/2010

oooh! I love this. And I feel cool because I have the same LaChapelle book. Who's cool? We are.

Design Elements said... 11/30/2010

Hi there, just discovered your blog. beautifil! hugs from Germany

Anonymous said... 12/01/2010

Wow, I had to do a double take on this one! What an amazing idea:)

Lindsay! said... 12/03/2010

This shelf looks perfect- if one owns a straight bar mens bike. I live in 636 sqf and storing my beautiful (womens) gold cruiser has also puzzled me. What about large hooks/brackets (mounted on the wall) with a large enough diameter to hold tires or frame. thus creating a floating piece of cycling glory! In any case this shelf has got me thinking, so thank you for posting it!

Two Pitties in the City said... 12/11/2010

Love this, thanks for showing. In our place we have 3 bikes; my husband is an avid rider and even rides during the Chicago winters. At least if we're going to have a bike in the living room, this would be a good remedy.

Thomas Grimshaw said... 12/17/2010

This is a great idea for places like Miami, where many people own second homes and the weather allows for cycling all year. Thanks for the post.

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