small space dweller handbook:
make it personal in your small space

Loving these personal items - style and vibe

Floor-to-ceiling bookcases are fab small space ideas!

Loving the beveled glass door - perfect!

 Brick wall. Check!

I am seriously a sucker for string lights - tres romantic

Pendant lights are perfect in all spaces.

Don't you just love small details in any space? I definitely do - there's something meaningful - not in a sappy way but in a thoughtful way - love that. I was recently enjoying lovely photographer, Bonnie Tsang's, blog (seriously, her work is amazing) and I came across a few venues that she has shot. I fell in love with the spaces at Marvimon & Smog Shoppe. Located in Los Angeles, these two event spaces are full of design style, texture and tons of personal touches. From the landscaping to the vintage signs to the oversized letters on the floor-to-ceiling bookcases to the string lights (my fave), these spaces are equally romantic as they are eclectic, cool and relaxed. No matter how big or small your space is, adding a bit of personal favorites will immediately add style to your space. 

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:: Images via Marvimon and Smog Shoppe sites ::



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make it personal in your small space


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