Throw Pillows


Some of the best and most transitional accents are throw pillows. These accents can add tons of color and texture to your space while providing comfort as well. Since you can easily buy a new cover when your color mood changes, evolving your small space look is simple and affordable. I also love how the larger throw pillows double as floor cushions for guests to hang out on. Check out more of the Best Small Space Accents right here.

::images of henry road custom pillows, west elm floor cushion and patio culture custom pillows::


Throw Pillows


K. said... 11/07/2009

I love pillows...lots and lots of them! They can really transform a small space and are perfect for on-a-tight-budget students like me! :D great post

Jami - XOimagine said... 11/10/2009

Hi Rebecca! I met you last week in Santa Monica at the BOL event at DWR. It was so nice meeting you and I really enjoyed the event, the food and the wine! Thanks!

I agree about the throw pillows! I just suggested this tip to a friend of mine who is looking to spruce up her new apartment. You could make your own pillows from old fabric samples as well :)


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