make your own leaning mood board

If you are ever looking for inspiration in your home, consider creating your very own mood board. Like this inspiration board I posted a few months ago, create an everyday place of creativity + style + design. I love the look of this leaning ladder-turned-mood board. What a fab look!? And you can even make your own - just head over toe Home Depot and by some wood. Cut the pieces, sand, paint and nail your mood ladder together. I see a DIY in my very near future. ::image via emma's design blogg::


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Anonymous said... 11/08/2009

so beautiful! i love that you can change it easily as you find new inspirations.

Anonymous said... 11/09/2009

I forgot to mention that I'm on a mission to create the Ultimate Happy Playlist. Please help me out by letting me know what song instantly makes you happy when you hear it!

loving. living. small. said... 11/09/2009

I know, so pretty! I think I am going to try this one this weekend. More posts to come :)

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