Sliding windows

I thought that pockets doors were the only doors that would be in my dream house but after seeing this pretty cabin home, I am thinking a few of the rooms will have sliding windows - as in sliding out and opening to the world. (ok, so not really to the world but you get what I am saying) Since this particular home was built in the middle of nature, the open windows act as doors and extend the living space to be literal outdoor living and it works! I love how open the small space feels and just the look of the doors and windows. Oh the joys of dreaming! And I also spotted a nice little small space solution in the small bedroom with a bookshelf-style headboard. Yes! Check out more of my dream house right here.

:: images via Schuchart/Dow ::


Sliding windows


Tara Anderson said... 11/12/2009

Gah...I love these. Thanks for sharing. Must add these to my own dream house/things I want when I grow up file.

Sierra said... 11/13/2009

I really like how this looks too and how close it is to nature!

Timothy said... 11/16/2009

Yes please but the bugs getting in might creep me out. Not to mention all the other critters that may be out there.

loving. living. small. said... 11/16/2009

yea, I am right there with ya on the bugs and critters!! But those doors sure do look pretty!

Diane Faye Zerr said... 11/30/2009

Swoon!!! I wish I could convince my husband to replace our patio doors with these instead of french doors. These are much, much more stylish.

Double Glazing Coventry said... 12/18/2010

It is surely anyone's dream house too. Those are very stylish house. I really like the doors in that house and also the interior of the bedroom it looks relaxing laying down.

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