Wallpaper + Molding + Paint + Art Gallery

I am loving the look of the very stylized wall. Sure, there's a lot going on here but it works and works well. The addition of the molding to create two distinct areas on the wall create a strong visual cue. I like the color and pattern combo and, of course, that fab wall gallery.
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3 Responses to "USING YOUR WALLS:
Wallpaper + Molding + Paint + Art Gallery


Becky said... 6/09/2009

what great wallpaper!

Unknown said... 6/11/2009

I agree with Becky, that is beautiful wallpaper! Did you design these walls yourself? I love how you've unified several individual frames into a collective example of wall art. I also could not agree with you more about using a decorative molding to create boundaries and define a space. When I was attempting to rein in my 17 foot living room ceiling in an effort to create a cozier space, I used an attractive crown molding at the nine foot point to do so.

loving. living. small. said... 6/12/2009

emily, I wish this was in my home! I snapped this photo last weekend at a wine tasting room in Santa Ynez and wanted to share with you guys. It looks like a not too hard small space DIY though.

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