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I had the pleasure of e-meeting the design duo behind Sixx Design, Bob and Cortney Novogratz. Tackling design projects in Manhattan, the creative couple develop and design unique and eclectic spaces and turn "funky into fabulous". With the launch of their new design book, Downtown Chic, design lovers and small space dwellers can catch a glimpse into Sixx Design's interesting and design inspiring world of sophistication meets bohemian style.

New York is full of small space dwellers. When you are taking on small space projects, what are the main things you consider?
The key to design of small spaces is to make it as clutter free as possible yet not lose a personal style. Make sure the furniture is in scale with the room and hide as much junk as you can. Small spaces tend to be more comfortable so always keep that feel.

Your first book, Downtown Chic, was just released. {Congrats!!} How was working on this project and how did you pick the spaces to include?
The book chronicles all our big projects from our first house to last year.

What are your best tips on creating a focal point in a small space?
We love fleamarket finds! So your focal point should be something you love and no one else has. Our favorite pieces were not expensive.

What has been your craziest project? Was there a time when you considered not working on it? What inspired you to take it on?
We twice have been hired for big celebrities and walked away from the jobs ...never work for someone that you have to answer to their 'people".

What are the things in your own house that make it a home?
Our black and white photo wall of our large extended family and relatives.

Thanks, Sixx Design! Click here to check out Downtown Chic.

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4 Responses to "loving. living. small. chats with Sixx Design"

Rebecca Corvese said... 6/01/2009

I've seen Bob and Cortney's work through other blog posts, etc. and it's just wonderful. Thanks for the post!

loving. living. small. said... 6/01/2009

yes, their book is *great*!!

Tiina of livingConcept said... 6/02/2009

this couple is the coolest one on the planet.thank you for sharing!

Mapiurka said... 11/21/2010

Love the show and this family!
Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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