the High Line in New York City

I was so excited to finally see some photos of the new downtown park, the High Line, in Manhattan's west side. Just a few years ago, I actually worked 2 blocks from this area and frequented the shops, bars and yummy restaurants (miss you, Flourent) and, of course, saw the steel frame of the old elevated rail road. The mix of textures - steel, wood, greenery, metal - all comes together in this pretty yet sparse area running along and above 10th Ave. Consider mixing elements in your own small space - love that!

[Full slideshow via Treehugger]

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the High Line in New York City


My Casa Bella said... 10/20/2009

I was born and raised in NYC and have never been to this part of the city. When I go home to visit I will make sure to check it out. Thanks.
My Casa Bella

Jennifer DeDonato said... 10/25/2009

I was in NYC last week and went by is awesome.

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