missing domino?
What Home Magazines Are You Reading Now?

I sure am. While I (thankfully) have tons of old issues saved to flip through, I miss the colorful whimsy and accessible sophistication the magazine offered. I'd love to know what you are reading and why? I need a boost of magazine inspiration.

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16 Responses to "missing domino?
What Home Magazines Are You Reading Now?


L said... 6/04/2009

I've been reading Elle Decor. Not the same, but still some beautiful inspiration.

Leah said... 6/04/2009

I fork over $8 for an import copy of the U.K.'s Living, Etc. Well worth it.

leni said... 6/04/2009

honestly, there really is no replacement. I still cant believe that they're not making domino any more. i keep looking for something that will compete with what domino was!

Pacha Mama said... 6/04/2009

Coastal Living is the best magazine for summer time...it's inspiring, beautiful, and relevant ;)

Jen of MadeByGirl said... 6/04/2009

I'm reading Living Etc. and inside out magazine... :)

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'


Logan said... 6/04/2009

Apparently a canadian design mag is the hot new thing!


annkent said... 6/05/2009

I also pay over $8. for Living, Etc. It really is fresh and exciting. A bit expensive but really, the only magazine that approaches Domino and so many of my favorites are not publishing anymore, I can justify the increased expense! I also find myself frequently perusing my old issues of Domino, Blueprint, and H&G!

Anonymous said... 6/08/2009

Wow, I am excited to try "Living, etc."... I've been reading House Beautiful (which I think has picked up some style from Domino), but I MISS Domino!!!

Bromeliad said... 6/09/2009

Elle Decor, Met Home and lots of blogs.

jessica | destined to design said... 6/12/2009

house beautiful has definitely taken it up a notch in recent months.


Anonymous said... 6/23/2009

i would love to get my hands on real living (au) i've only found it in store once... so i check online for pics from the mag.

west by south said... 6/29/2009

Living etc...hands down the best out there today! It has been my favorite for years...so glad others are discovering it!

Anonymous said... 7/12/2009

House and Home Magazine is a great Canadian magazine. I've been reading it for years and with a young new editor it keeps getting better. Definitely not a replacement for Domino though.

loving. living. small. said... 7/22/2009

thanks for all of your fab mag tips! I am missing domino. clearly. I often post their spaces from old magazines. (thankfully, I have a scanner). I am digging HouseBeautiful right now. And I may have to pony up the cash for Living, Etc. *love* that mag.

Anonymous said... 8/21/2009

I love Living, Etc. magazine. The best home magazine out there right now.

Anonymous said... 9/13/2009

Living Etc, House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home. None come close to Domino but nice to have some magazine inspiration.

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