Creating A Focal Point In Your Bedroom

If you are looking for way to create an impact in your small bedroom, consider creating dimension and texture to your wall by adding fabric. Loving this photo of fabric wrapped around a board and then hung up on the wall to fill the entire space. It's almost a double as - wall furnishing / headboard. You can easily recreate this in your space by wrapping fabric you love around a few boards that have been secured together.

Also, note how the bed is not centered on the wall but it still feels balance? The designer placed a lamp about the same height as the headboard to create harmony. Remember there really are no rules - it's what feels good to you that works best in your home.

[Photo via Ashe + Leandro]
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Creating A Focal Point In Your Bedroom


Amber Dupree said... 3/11/2009

I LOVE this!

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