Jonathan Adler does the Barbie Dream House

Oh la la! How fun is this real-life interpretation of Barbie's Dream House by fabulous potter and designer, Jonathan Adler? Last night's event in Malibu provided a look into this cotton candy whimsy of Barbie design and style with the touch of Jonathan's style. Ya know, I actually didn't have the Dream House growing up in the 80s but rather the pool. Barbie couldn't even fit in that pool. hmmm.

[Images via Winnepeg Sun]

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2 Responses to "Jonathan Adler does the Barbie Dream House"

Anonymous said... 3/10/2009

OMG.. i LOVE the mirror!!! jonathan is a genius!

Anonymous said... 3/10/2009

I used to always want her clothes. Now I want her house, too.

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