Dining In Your Small Space

Recreating The "Kitchen Table"
Small Space Dwellers Create A New Place To Dine

I wanted to share my Friday AT post with you lovely readers since it's super relevant to small space dwellers. Small spaces don't always lend themselves for formal dining (i.e. a good 'ole kitchen table) so you need to be creative about your dining table. Click here to read the post. A lot of the readers enjoy coffee table dining just like we do.
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2 Responses to "Dining In Your Small Space"

Jennifer DeDonato said... 3/16/2009

That green sofa ROCKS!

Jackie J said... 9/09/2009

I am looking for a small, formal dining room table...French or Italian styling, for a small dining area. Once on HGTV I saw a French dining table that folded in half for a small space, opened up to seat 8 when needed. Thanks.

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