Simply Enjoy Your Home!

Decorating and furnishing your small space can be a fun and creative adventure but don't forget to simply enjoy your space. Seems simple enough but too many times I hear friends rushing through their life from work to plan to meeting, etc. Take time in your small space to just relax - your house (no matter how small or big) is your place to just enjoy. One of my favorite things is to make time for is making breakfast. My specialty - spinach egg white omelettes! Oh la la!
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2 Responses to "A LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. Reminder:
Simply Enjoy Your Home!


Ann said... 3/12/2009

Nice reminder...So simple yet there's so much truth to it. Thanks.

Anonymous said... 3/20/2009

You're right. I have a teeny tiny house but there are many pluses to it like the floor plan design which attracted me to it in the first place. Sometimes I just rail against it and hate it for being so small but really, it is home and it is mine :) Keep reminding us to love our small places!!!

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