USING YOUR WALLS: Controlled Chaos

Ok, so I wouldn't really say this wall feels or is "chaotic" but the mismatched yet balanced vibe of the art gallery looks perfect! I love the color and texture and the height of the gallery really draws your eye up. Love it!

[Image via Washington Design Center]

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3 Responses to "USING YOUR WALLS: Controlled Chaos"

Umer said... 3/25/2009

If this sitting is a display gallery then its ok to show. But if its in living place then its really chaos. Come on how you will adjust to keep it clean and sit with 4 guests

Anonymous said... 3/25/2009

I love gallery art like that but have never pulled off anything that complicated. It's an art.

Kierstin Bridger said... 3/27/2009

In a small space ya got ta get vertical! Great display!

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