holiday wish list for my small space

since I am on my holiday blogging break, I've been making my holiday wish list for my small space. (small space decorating is on hold for now but it's my little break, so I'm wishing :) I really think living in a small space allows you to consider meaningful things instead of just stuff. each of these items is sweet to me and I'd love to see them in my small space. wishing away....

:: happy holidays and (hello) 2010 ::


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cassandra said... 12/19/2009

i loooooove that ring! it's been on my wishlist for a while! there's a vintage store in seattle that has one of those little modular concoctions (seat+drawers) and i think it's just adorable!

sending you big holiday love m'dear! xo

Joanna Goddard said... 12/19/2009

LOVE this!

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