10 small space ideas done right
Canadian House & Home

I love seeing small space solutions in action and this lovely apartment of Canadian House & Home's style editor has some good ones. Check out ten small space tips in this space that you can do right in your own. And these are screengrabs from the video house tour featured right here on their site.

1 :: using your walls with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. The couple used three affordable IKEA Billy bookcases and added their own molding to make them cohesive and stylish.

2 :: they placed their investment pieces (a pretty and long-lasting sofa) right in front of the shelves. Layering furniture is a great small space solution for adding more pieces in the room and adding dimension.

3 :: add scale to your small space with natural elements like the flowers or branches. These almost mimic the height of the shelves and adds some scale and balance.

4 :: symmetry is a great small space tip that provides balance and the couple's two armchairs accomplish this. (they resourcefully recovered some use chairs with fabric they loved).

5 :: they also have floating furniture in their space, like the chairs. any time you can use pieces with legs that allow you to see through further to the wall allow a space to expand.

6 :: the glass coffee table is another great space solution. Like the chairs with legs, the glass surface allows you to see through furniture and makes the decor feel light and airy.

7 :: the floor cushions are a perfect small space idea for extra seating for guests and friends. And when you don't need them, throw them on your couch or chairs.

8 :: the couple painted the entire space a light blue which is the perfect shade for a small space. Cool colors - like hues of blue - allow a room to feel like it's receding or expanding.

9 :: the wall gallery is another great example of using your walls and draws the eye up.

10 :: the couple really put thought and meaning into their space, the design layout and style and that is the best small space idea!


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Canadian House & Home


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