Salt & Pepper Wells

Well that holiday break didn't take long!! :)

I have a thing for sea salt and I am so loving these little salt and pepper wells that I am interrupting my own holiday break to share them. I first spotted these too cute salt and pepper wells in Sunset magazine. They are the Diana Fayt Salt and Pepper Cellars from Rare Device and I must have them. :) I am all about small details in small spaces.


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Salt & Pepper Wells


Unknown said... 12/11/2009

What a nice surprise! These are pretty cute. I've actually been into Sunset lately too. I also just recently put two and two together that you are 1/2 of Blog Out Loud. Can't wait to get next event details. Enjoy your holiday:)

Jennifer DeDonato said... 12/24/2009

I have to get these! I have a friend that is salt crazy and eats over at my house weekly. He will be so excited to see these.

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