loving. living. small. digital snapshot | no. 3
16 items for my summer adventure

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Wow - I can't believe I am off on my summer adventure in just a few weeks. I am so excited to travel and have been planning this trip for a year. I have started making a few lists to get everything in order and hope to pack some of these dream trip goodies in my suitcase.

If you read loving. loving. small. then you know I always talk about making your house a home - a place where *you* feel great and comfortable. Like my own small space, I will be bringing a few items with me to create a space in my hotel rooms that is personal to me - like a small tumbler that can act as a vase, a beautiful candle, travel speakers to play awesome music in my room when relaxing and a dream file item, a cashmere throw. 

I'll be snapping photos and blogging as I go - I can't wait to take in the architecture, sights, culture and style of these amazing cities. Yes!

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16 items for my summer adventure


Cynthia said... 6/07/2011

I love the little tumbler that you can use as a vase. I like buying flowers for my hotel room as well. Can't wait to read the posts about your summer adventure.


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