tile style
introducing a color moments in your space

Aren't these painted tiles gorgeous? I discovered them at the Rose Bowl Flea Market over the weekend and absolutely love them. Since I am renting, I won't be redoing my floors with these but I definitely can integrate them into my space beyond just the floor or wall tile use.  Like my honeycomb mirrors pictured above, I can see the Kismet tiles used in the same way.

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introducing a color moments in your space


Forever Lovely said... 5/10/2011

I just did a post today about Morocco and the design inspiration that comes from that beautiful place. I love the color and shape of these tiles and I like the idea of using them in places other than the floor. They would make a great table covering or wall art as well!

-Forever Lovely


Wendy said... 5/10/2011

Love them- great idea.I especially like your mirrors!!!

Sydney Steenland said... 5/10/2011

Awesome find, love!

VICTORIA said... 5/19/2011

Painted tiles are definitely Gorgeous!!what a Great Find!

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