open closets? ok!

as all small space dwellers know, closets are often used for a lot more then just clothes and shoes. When I lived in New York, I actually stored a few kitchen appliances in my one big closet. if push comes to shove in your closet, consider taking your clothes outside! I am loving the idea of a single clothes rack. there's something loft-esque and cool about it, like the one in this photo. And a little quick tip - use the same hangers to keep the look appealing and organized.

:: image from desire to inspire ::


4 Responses to "open closets? ok!"

Susan said... 1/26/2010

I have an open closet in my small space and find getting dressed in the morning is now a breeze. I can see everything at an easy glance.

Open closets are definitely OK in my books.

Laurel said... 1/28/2010

I love this idea-especially if you have a small pallette of color in the wardrobe. My closet would look scary if it made it on the outs. :)
Happy Weekend .

Kat said... 2/14/2010

I love that sketch on the wall...anyone know who it's by?

Paul said... 9/08/2010

Found your blog via AT/unplggd. Love the site :)

My bedroom is tiny, with trying to fit in a PC, bed and clothes in. I've been thinking about a ikea open closet system, but worried about the dust build up on my clothes. My PC can make my room very dusty and with winter just finishing in Australia, my windows have been closed up.

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