find some room :: flowers in the bathroom

I am all about small details in small spaces and adding flowers is a great way to create color, texture and style. although room tends to be serious concern in small bathrooms, find a little room to add flowers or a plant. your mornings will be better - promise! while you are picking a bud vase or two, consider giving a friend some flowers in these oh-so-cute seed packets designed last year for Modish readers that are {free} to download. lovely!


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Unknown said... 1/19/2010

Love the photo. I have some small bud vases that I LOVE to put gerbera daisies in...beautiful color and so inexpensive!!!!

Unknown said... 1/20/2010

This is a great idea, I also have flowers in my bathroom as well which does in fact create style & texture ~
Your photo is lovely ~

loving. living. small. said... 1/20/2010

Thanks laura and shanel nicole! love bud vases and my fave ones are at Target - 4 for $4.

Anonymous said... 1/20/2010

this is why i love you..i almost ALWAYS have flowers in my bathroom...and my new bathroom counter is huge so the vase is a bit bigger than a bud vase..i will send you a picture -- the gerber daisies were dying quickly (i wonder if it's because of the humidity?) but small calla lillies look great!

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