loving. living. small. turns 2!!
cheers to all small space dwellers!

two years ago I started loving. living. small. purely as a place to for my inspiration notebook to unfold and to actually see what I had pulled, torn and ripped out of tons of design magazines over the years. now it has become part of me. I have had such incredible rewards from blogging - realizing an important creative outlet, new e-friends, new real friends, new creative direction, new inspiration and the biggest reward - seeing all of *you* come by, leaving comments, sending me sweet emails. (I've had over 255,000 e-friends visit in the last two years - wow!), it's been truly amazing so thank you! I have been fortunate to slowly turn this blogging inspiration into actual work and my career path has happily turned a corner to bigger and brighter.

from loving. living. small. to writing for Apartment Therapy for the last 1.5 years to creating Blog Out Loud to a writing for a new design site launching this March (more to come on that) and to the launching of my new business venture, Sweetline Agency, in early February (more to come on that too!) I love this creative outlet and have appreciated every blogging step of the way!

And I am giving away a little blogger birthday gift too! Click here and leave your best small space tip for a chance to win one of three brand new DKNY perfumes that are not even available til Feb 2010!

So a toast with a little champagne (from my recent weekend trip to Napa), cheers to us, all the small space dwellers out there, living small with style!

xo, rebecca

:: all images from my weekend Napa trip to sparkling winery, Domaine Carneros ::


8 Responses to "loving. living. small. turns 2!!
cheers to all small space dwellers!


Unknown said... 1/22/2010

Congratulations! That is so great and inspiring:) You have a lot going on already in '10! Much luck with everything. Can't wait to hear about the next Blog Out Loud event and Sweetline Agency sounds very interesting!

Ta said... 1/22/2010

Congratulations on what sounds like 2 wonderful years.

loving. living. small. said... 1/22/2010

Thanks so much, Happenstance and Ta!! It's been a great ride and thank you for reading :)

Jen said... 1/22/2010

Congratulations! Job well done!!

This is my first time visiting your blog and I'm already hooked!!



mnB said... 1/22/2010

happy blog birthday & cheers to many more!!!

Two Flights Down said... 1/22/2010

Happy Blog Birthday! I've been enjoying this site for a while now and love all the tips it provides. I also love all the great things you recommend--I now have a bookmarks folder of companies that I would like to purchase from upon returning to the States.

I wanted to note that my computer was being funky with me the other night and I thought my comment for the contest didn't post, so I posted another one. Now I have two comments after that post. In case you select the winner randomly, I wanted to make sure I didn't have two entries in there, which would be unfair to the others. :( Sorry about that.

Unknown said... 1/23/2010

Just found your blog! What a wonderful resource! Can't wait to be part of Year 3!

loving. living. small. said... 1/24/2010

Thanks everyone for such sweet comments!! And welcome new friends!

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