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san francisco

hello everyone!! hope you had an awesome holiday season! I definitely did, enjoying time in one of my favorite cities, san francisco. I love getting inspired by city surroundings - there is so much texture, color and inspiration floating around. here are a few of my photos that I snapped around town. I am loving the purple flower and have a feeling I'll be introducing this color into my design style in 2010. And, check out my incredible NYE 2010 meal at A16 over at i heart living small! It was *seriously* a dining experience. I would have shot some photos of the actual space for loving. eating. small. but let's say that prosecco took it's toll on me!


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san francisco


Jennifer DeDonato said... 1/05/2010

great pictures! i love SF and want to go back soon.

handmadecharlotte said... 1/17/2010

the images are wonderful! i love that city!

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