add color through your furniture

it's easy to fall into a habit of buying neutral pieces of furniture and I get it - furniture is expensive and you want it to last a long time. Many of my own pieces are wood tones or gray. If you can, though, consider investing in some colored pieces to add tons of style to your small space. I love these turquoise blue chairs (knock-off's of Eames molded plastic chairs) and can see them around a small kitchen table. Color is a great way to express your personality and in a small space, you want your style to shine through!


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Laurel said... 1/13/2010

I once saw a turqoise eames like rocker...might have been a knock off might not but man I loved it. I am in the process of choosing colors to repaint my too matchy bedroom furniture for fun . Color does so much for the soul. I think good to go safe and neutral with large pieces and then add lots of side color:) I am officially a LLS addict . (your blog) :)
Peace xo

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