Design inspiration:
Set design from "It's Complicated"

I am a huge fan of Nancy Meyer's movies and the always stunning set decoration and design. I can't wait to see It's Complicated to check out the fully designed homes of the characters. Like Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday, I know this film won't disappoint in the style department. I was able to find a sneak peek of some of the rooms and even spotted a few small space solutions like:

1 :: placing a desk next to the bed to double as a side table or office space.

2 :: open shelves in the kitchen with stacked dishware

3 :: placing a curtain to cover any stored goods under the kitchen counter that can easily be moved aside for easy access.

Check out one of my first posts on the loving. living. small. blog of Something's Gotta Give right here.

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5 Responses to "Design inspiration:
Set design from "It's Complicated"


My Casa Bella said... 12/19/2009

I LOVE that you post pictures of the sets of movies. So much fun to look at them. Do you have pictures of "Holiday" some where on your blog?
I really enjoy visiting your blog. FUN!!!

Unknown said... 12/19/2009

You are the rulingest! The set design is precisely why I cannot wait to see this film! But of course Meryl, Steve, and Alec are icing on the cake. I will watch Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday over and over just to see the homes and decor again. I'm so with you on this. Thank you!

loving. living. small. said... 12/19/2009

My Casa Bella, I haven't posted The Holiday but definitely will. Love all of Ephron's sets!

My Casa Bella said... 12/30/2009

I will keep an eye out for "The Holiday" pictures posting. I agree with Happenstance, I watch those movies mainly for the homes.....LOL.
come by and say hi one day, would love your "visit"

Mitchell Johnson said... 12/31/2009

Nice blog! Some of the paintings appearing in the sets for It's Complicated (also in The Holiday) are mine and they are copyrighted. I would appreciate that you give credit.
Thank you,
Mitchell Johnson

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