Vintage Books

I am always looking for neat ways to reuse things I already I have in a cool way. I have been pretty thoughtful about my decor choices and I think there's often many ways to use one item. I spotted this display at a sweet shop in Laguna Beach last weekend and love it! Using old vintage books and a little string, new life was brought to these pages. Another little creative tip, stencil your favorite silhouette or colorful design in your palette on the pages before you apply the string. 


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Vintage Books


laurenne said... 12/10/2009

Ooh! I just went to Cafe Was in Hollywood, and LOVED the decor of one of the rooms. They had taken apart a bunch of old books and wallpapered with the pages. They just pasted the pages in any order and direction. The effect was brilliant--- perfect for an office or reading room.(they even glued pages across an old TV, and I loved the message! READ!)

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