Expand Your Room With A Gallery

I often post about using your walls and placing an art gallery to expand your small space. I love this gallery featured in designer Tobi Tobin's Malibu Beach Cottage. While this is a bigger space (love those vaulted ceilings) the same look can work well in any size space.

::images by tobi tobin design::


4 Responses to "USING YOUR WALLS:
Expand Your Room With A Gallery


Nicolette said... 9/11/2009

Nothing like showcasing art to maximize space. The space looks great.


tricia said... 9/12/2009

I cannot wait to finally purchase more photo frames of all different designs and fill my walls with pictures. The room in the photos looks beautiful.

Jennifer DeDonato said... 9/13/2009

This space looks wonderful.

Fee - Makeup Savvy said... 9/18/2009

Love the use of the heightened wall space because of the vaulted ceiling.
Also love the black frames and black accents against the white.

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