Inside Out Lamp Shade

I really like this lamp shade featuring artwork inside the shade and leaving the simple white neutral on the outside. Good lighting is key in small spaces and hanging an interesting chandelier or shade is a good solution to using your small space footprint. While this shade is pretty pricey, consider trying this as a more affordable do-it-yourself.

::image via designvagabond::


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Inside Out Lamp Shade


Fee - Makeup Savvy said... 9/10/2009

This is a great idea... and actually a very good do-it-yourself project like you mentioned.

Simple yet effective.

loving. living. small. said... 9/10/2009

i am going to try it! I am looking for a neat art print to use. i'll post some images when i do it.

Rebecca Corvese said... 9/10/2009

I love it. I bet it looks fabulous at night when it is lit and the pattern shows through!

Shandell's said... 9/11/2009

These pendants are fab. I think I will attempt to do one.

Erin said... 9/11/2009

LOVE LOVE LOVE this pendant! I love things that appear one way until you look closer!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said... 9/11/2009

I'm on the lookout for interesting light fixtures for less-- this idea could be a winner. I really hope that you try it out so I can come back and see how you did it!!

Jennifer DeDonato said... 9/13/2009

This lamp is very cool beans.

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