A Small Space Storage Challenge

i wanted to share my new ride, an orange beach cruiser, with bell. we are staying down by the beach for a few months and i'll be enjoying this ride every day. to be honest, i need to come up with a good small space storage solution for this one - more to come on that. have a great labor day weekend! and if you see me on my orange bike, say hello :)


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A Small Space Storage Challenge


Taylor Sterling said... 9/04/2009

Love it. I had a yellow beach cruiser and I miss it!

J - Pacha Mama said... 9/04/2009

Drool! Something about a cruiser bike with a bell & basket that makes me smile. I have one in a fierce shade of blue.

loving. living. small. said... 9/04/2009

ohh blue is nice! while the hills are tough on the cruiser (no gears), it's a sweet ride and just makes me happy!

Ann said... 9/06/2009

Cruiser bikes are so good-looking you just want to show them off everyday in the streets... and you picked a really cheerful color. Have lots of fun with it.

3lis said... 12/15/2009

have you found the solution for this beautiful problem?
i have to bikes and a really small space ? hanging it?

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