domino interior's find a new home at flickr

as you know, i miss me some domino mag. honestly, they profiled and featured amazing *small spaces* and did it well with color, resourcefulness and style. while i am happy that I saved quite a few back issues and can display them in my home, I love the flickr pool that friend cassie started featuring some of domino's best interior shots.

images via the domino magazine files flickr pool


domino interior's find a new home at flickr


Rebecca Corvese said... 9/03/2009

That is awesome. I'm so glad someone is saving the Domino images somewhere! Thanks for sharing that resource for future ideas!

laura said... 9/03/2009

omg! i love you for finding this... well i love you and your blog anyway but this is seriously great!

loving. living. small. said... 9/03/2009

laure - you are too cute! yes, i am loving this flickr site. fab inspiration

Cocoblack said... 9/03/2009

I love the last picture. That color combination is so elegant!

::levina:: said... 9/03/2009

love the first image...i miss Domino too -_-

Fargerike Dagny said... 9/04/2009

I miss Domino too, there's definitely a void after it folded. It would be awesome too see some new decors in the same spirit. Thanks for sharing the flickr-group though!! :D

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