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I want to make this

If you are like me then you get swept into the world of amazing blogs and lost in design time. I have so many "I WANT TO MAKE THAT" projects bookmarked to do in my small space, I wanted to share some with you. Click here to check them out and get inspired, just like me.



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I want to make this


Lily said... 5/25/2011

Ahh yes...I have so many "I WANT TO MAKE THAT" I just need time !!


ahomebeautiful said... 5/26/2011

I agree! And you just gave us more beautiful ideas. I love the coffee table since we've been looking to make one. I have a blog post coming up on the same planters. I used succulents and it looks great. You can see the pic on my flickr by visiting my blog. Definitely worth the effort to make them.

Justine @ Urban Scarlet said... 5/27/2011

oh my, what a wonderful round-up you did! thank you for pinning a few of my flicks :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG! so grateful you found mine :)

Unknown said... 5/27/2011

Same here! So many project ideas swirling around up in there haha

Manila Apartments said... 6/01/2011

I like these images. They make me feel so much better living in a small space.

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