small style makes a big impact

Don't you *love* these flowers? I absolutely do! I received this cute  + small vase of flowers as a gift from sweet hostess Jaimi {of Fiore Beauty) - who threw a fun and fab birthday for talented wardrobe stylist, Catherine {of The Life Styled} the other day. I wanted to share it with you guys because I think it's a great example of small style making a big impact in a space in both color and emotion. Yes, I feel happy seeing this little guy - love the yarn bow too. I placed it on my kitchen tray and smile every morning when I make my coffee.



2 Responses to "small style makes a big impact"

Unknown said... 2/08/2011

So cute! Flowers are such a pretty addition to a space :)

Unknown said... 2/08/2011

I love the big, fluffy yarn tie - how cheery! Isn't it amazing what such a small thing can do for your day, or even your week?

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