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kelly wearstler's vibe trays

my oh my, I just discovered Kelly Wearstler's new blog called My Vibe My Life and love the behind-the-scenes look at her work, culture and style. One thing that immediately caught my eye were her "vibe trays" love that idea, right?! The famed designers creates a tray full of the design vibe she's going after and I love the mix or elements. This definitely would work for your small space too when you are deciding on a color and texture palette. Yes!  

:: images via My Vibe My Life ::



5 Responses to "design inspiration
kelly wearstler's vibe trays


Unknown said... 2/16/2011

Love her trays!! Such great inspiration!

elissa @ faucethead said... 2/18/2011

i came across her site the other day and, like you, fell hard for her vibe boards. they're perfection.

Rhiannon Bosse said... 2/18/2011

I think I need to do a vibe tray for my work too!! What a fun fun idea! Thanks for sharing love :) xo

Rebecca Corvese said... 2/19/2011

I love, love, love Kelly Wearstler. What a pioneer and visionary in the design field. She is so brave with her designs and that completely shows in her vibe trays! Thanks for pointing us toward her blog! :)

Lily said... 3/14/2011

Kelly Wearstler is such a inspiration. She is absolutely fabulous !! Thanks for sharing.


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