currently loving...gourmet sea salt

oh la la - I am all over flavored sea salts these days and, in loving. living. small. style, I've turned these six finishing salts into a fab room. Inspiration really is everywhere. Click here to check out the very soon-to-be launched SALT GENERAL STORE, where you can buy over thirty salts for your dining style, entertaining love, or Sunday morning just-made-eggs-at-home pleasure.

And check out a few things that have inspired me lately ::
This amazing C-Table
These tin tiles
Amazing meals in Italy

:: flavors left to right. bolivian rose, spanish rosemary, murray river, kosher white, black lava, aged balsamic ::

:: Images via Salt General Store and cutie, Decor Demon ::



2 Responses to "currently loving...gourmet sea salt"

meemsnyc said... 2/06/2011

oooh, those salts look amazing.

Vanessa Elizabeth @ Ruffled Rose said... 2/07/2011

Sea salts are quite amazing! I really like the quilted wall hanging, too.

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