a small move
best small space personal art gallery idea

As many of you small space dwellers know, wall space is a premium and finding creative ways to use this space can benefit your small space style. I've lived in small spaces for years and have been doing this small space d.i.y. for a long time - a personal art gallery. I love taking photos and have over 10,000 in my digital library. Many of these shots are places that I have visited and I want to enjoy them still. Since I don't want photos everywhere (that's a bit too much)

When I moved into my new small space, I wanted to showcase a bunch of my photos. My small space solution was to create an organized personal art gallery that features my photos and keeps my small space open and vibrant. I selected and ordered 50 prints through snapfish and also picked up two Ribba frames from IKEA ($25/each). Once my photos arrived, I created the layout on the floor. I traced the mat and drew a line right onto the photo board. From there I taped on my photos from the layout that I had created. I then placed the mat back and plastic cover back on and was done! Such an easy diy with such a big impact! Now I can enjoy great memories of places I have been while adding color and style to my home. Love it!



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best small space personal art gallery idea


Emily said... 9/10/2010

I've been trying to incorporate my photos into my home too. I love the way you framed yours!

Anonymous said... 9/10/2010

That's a great idea. I like photos going down hallways as well. My most favorite place to show photos was in a kitchen that was papered in windowpane checks. The wallpaper was very busy and didn't show tack marks, so we just used the lines to line up the photos. It was an ever-changing display.

ashlina {the decorista} said... 9/11/2010

i think the bookshelves are genius!

Beth said... 9/13/2010

Clever! So simple and easy to do. Thanks for sharing :-)

huysmantrophy said... 9/14/2010

I really love the whole scene, but I've been dying to know where you got your sofa?! It's so great, I want one too!

Anonymous said... 11/13/2010

Hi, may I ask how did you hang your frames on the walls?

What kind of hooks did you use. Could you do a post showing the back of your frame - to show us how you hung your ribba frames.


Anonymous said... 1/03/2011

I just came across your blog and was inspired by your use of your photos. I too have masses of photos and would like to hang them. This is such a great idea and one I will use in my new smaller house. Love the Billy bookshelves. I only ever used them in the kid's rooms, but think I might revisit this idea for my living room. I have the oak ones in my office. Thank you

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