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tapping your inner-designer

Designing a small space can be overwhelming. Aside from the efficiency aspect, many people want to create a stylish space that speaks to their personality and style. So how to do this? Connect with your inner-designer even if you are not a designer.

I recently discovered a very pretty shop in Sausalito, Serena & Lily. Aside from their custom fabric, clean + modern furniture and decor that's available, the founders talk about feeling a certain way in a space. I definitely relate to that idea - you can design your home beyond practical purposes to extend a lifestyle and emotional ground. Yes! I watched some of their behind-the-scenes videos (love that they are embracing this style of online presence to connect to their clients, customers and new visitors - like me) and particularly like what Serena says about finding your inner-designer by looking around your life....

Waking up your senses, when you are out, at restaurants, taking a hike, on your next trip and pay attention to what you think is beautiful. When you get it, you know and it's the best feeling in the world."

I truly believe this idea as well. I often share the idea of getting outside in your own city, neighborhood and embracing your style to create your own style. Now take that inspiration and extend it to your {small} space to create your best space for you.

Check out the video here and pretty shop right here.



3 Responses to "design inspiration
tapping your inner-designer


Laurel said... 9/26/2010

Ooooh! A reason to pop over to Sausalito! Yay!
Thanks for always being so inspirational!

loving. living. small. said... 9/26/2010

Thanks, Laurel :) You are sweet!

Ann said... 9/27/2010

So true ... I truly believe that there's a designer inside all of us just waiting to be awakened...That's why we have different styles and gets to choose what's gorgeous and not.

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