My 120 square foot space
loving. living. small.'s home office tour on unplggd

I want to share my home office tour that went up on Apartment Therapy's savvy tech site, Unplggd, yesterday. Managing editor and talented photographer, Gregory, shot all the photos of my space and he really made my 120 square foot office look incredible. Check out the entire tour right here and read some of my fave small space tips - fun!



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loving. living. small.'s home office tour on unplggd


Kristen said... 9/01/2010

Oh wowzers, that place is amazing! You really work that small space into a stylish scene!!

Cindy said... 9/01/2010

i love your space! small can be grand!

Cristin // Simplified Bee said... 9/01/2010

What a functional and beautiful space! Saw you on Nesting Newbies and missed the picnic with you and the other bloggers. Hope to meet up next time!

Your blog is wonderful... keep up the great work!


Maris said... 9/01/2010

Beautiful space! I'm so happy that I found your blog.

Josephine Tale Peddler said... 9/01/2010

Love it. So much inspiration and I appreciate the tips on time management. The inspiration board is wonderful. xx

Anonymous said... 9/02/2010

Um. This is insane. Your office/entire house is a dream world. Major kudos...!

Amy said... 9/26/2010

Loooove the office! Random question that background on your Mac something you designed? I love the look of it. What is it?

loving. living. small. said... 9/26/2010

amy, the screen saver on my computer is actually one of the options that come with it. Not sure of the name of it but it's the one where it rotates the album covers in my itunes collection. It's fun!

Peggy said... 6/07/2011

I love the rug! Can you please tell me its source?

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