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Today's small space dwellers series is all about balance and the small space solutions that are inspired by this. I am loving this interior from talented photographer, Brian Park.  Full of style with a sophisticated and gilded twist, there are some great small space solutions right inside using balance. Let's take a look a a few of them that you can use in your own small space. 

Creating a real balance in a small space will make everything feel good - which makes any space comfortable. Symmetrical decorating actually can be a neat addition to your design style and open up a space. 

Oh la la am I loving the carpet in this small space! Aside from the fun color palette, I love how the pattern balances out the frames on the wall. Smart small space solution to making the most of balance. 

One of the best small space tricks is to use mostly furniture with legs. This allows the eye to continue moving past the furniture and expand the space. Simple, right? Yes! I love how the coffee table has long legs and that they are acrylic also (double small space solution)

While i am for mixing it up, it's also nice to have more matching style to create, yes, balance. I am enjoying the gold frames on the wall and think they add balance to open up the space.

Take a look around your space and see how your decor is doing height-wise. If it feels out of balance, then get some inspiration from the room above. Check out the lamps in the room and see how they make the room level and balanced. Again, this creates an even eye and makes everything fall into place.

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:: Image via Brian Park Photography ::



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Auntie sezzzzzz... said... 8/06/2010

Fantastic entry! Thank you!

From a Reader who recently found your great blog.

MMD said... 8/13/2010

The acrylic coffee table is the perfect contemporary touch!

Anonymous said... 8/28/2010

Just found your blog through Anne Sage of the City Sage and am loving all your fantastic design advice and DIY's. I'm so excited to add you to my daily read! Thanks for all the inspiration.

*I also have a blog that I would love for you to visit if you get a chance.

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