best small space accent
carpet tiles by FLOR

ok small space dwellers, this is a goodie. Since space is spare and custom anything is expensive, I am definitely loving these carpet tiles from FLOR and think they are definitely a best small space accent. how cool are these? You can pick up as many as you need to fit right into whatever size space needs a little floor covering. 

When I moved into my new small space, the lovely people at FLOR shared these Shiny Happy striped tiles (love the name!) to help me make my bedroom work. I. love. them. I was able to create the size that I needed in my space and work around the way the room was layed out - which is exactly what I needed. Oh and FLOR is 100% thoughtful about their eco-footprint - click here to read more about their design philosophy.

A super big thank you to FLOR and I still can't get over how many colors + patterns are available. Click here to check 'em all out and for some good mixing and matching ideas  and click here to check out the new FLOR blog with tons of lifestyle inspiration.



6 Responses to "best small space accent
carpet tiles by FLOR


rebekah said... 8/20/2010

On my list to buy for our studio!

Emily said... 8/20/2010

Love these! And I love your dresser.

loving. living. small. said... 8/21/2010

Thank you, Emily!

Ashlyn said... 8/27/2010

I have to ask... where can I get fashion illustrations similar to yours??
I'm looking through your archives, but so far, nothing's popped up.
Your room looks so lovely and cozy!


loving. living. small. said... 8/27/2010

ashlyn, I *wish* i knew who painted these gorgeous prints but I found these at a flea market a few weeks ago and there's no artist mentioned on them. they really are pretty stunning in person!

Unknown said... 11/22/2010


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