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$5 flowers and 5 min

I popped into my local Trader Joe's this afternoon and picked up a pretty peach bunch of bud roses. After unpacking my last few boxes from my small move, I uncovered a bunch of my vases so I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my purchase. My very very non-expert floral arranging seen above has made my small space look and feel sweet. For $5 and a few minutes of your time, you can add details to your space that work across the board - color pop and makes you smile. In my book, money well spent. 



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$5 flowers and 5 min


SimplySandi said... 8/15/2010

I love flowers.. they add such class to a room, and I especially love it when I get a great deal. I wish we had a Trader Joes in Texas!

Sarah Engel said... 8/16/2010

i love yellow roses:) so pretty!

Julie Roberts said... 8/17/2010

I have been buying flowers weekly and wrote about it here:

Buying and arranging flowers is my favorite part of the week. I include pics of my weekly flowers in several of my posts.

I increased my budget and put orchid stems in bud vases in my bathroom (purple stem) and bedroom (lime green stem). The stems are about $4 a piece and should last about a month.

Single roses in bud vases are another easy way to add some "life" to a room.

Great minds think alike! Take care!!

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