pops of color and flipping houses

I've loved doing the A SMALL CHAT series because as a small space dweller myself, I've picked up tons of inspiration! one of my first interviews was with Robert of Sixx Designs. Becoming a fan the second I flipped through their great book, I love the couples cool style and eclectic vibe and am looking forward to checking out the new show on Bravo premiering next week, 9 on Design. This cool space pictured from one of their flipped spaces inspired this little spring-themed collection of sweet pops of color that would look lovely in a small space.

:: image via Sixx Design ::


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custardbydesign said... 4/01/2010

thats certainly got some pop...

May Brady said... 4/01/2010

What a gorgeous kitchen. I especially love the stylish dining suite - sleek oval table, different coloured chairs...


Bookworm Bitch said... 4/03/2010

great blog, and what a lovely kitchen xxx

Marija said... 4/06/2010

That table in that kitchen is one of my favorites but I'm afraid it's no longer available. Love seeing it here! Marija

Laurel said... 4/06/2010

wow! I love this all. dreamy!

loving. living. small. said... 4/06/2010

it's not at IKEA anymore? I love it too!

Nithya said... 4/14/2010

Hey just came across your blog. I just love the concept! And though I usually dream about a big dream house but after seeing this beautiful picture of the kitchen, I have set out a space in my dream for a small, loving home!

loving. living. small. said... 4/14/2010

thanks, nitz! I know, love this kitchen too!

Heather Feemster said... 4/16/2010

Love the kitchen!!!

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