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olive oil

Inspired by my weekend trip to Sonoma wine country, I had to share my adventure at The Olive Press, housed inside a gorgeous stone building. Complimentary olive oil tasting (and wine tasting on the other side), we stopped in and enjoyed delicious olive oils ranging with grass, flavors and more. The cool thing was the olive oil bar - pick a bottle for a buck and pour in your olive oil for a buck an ounce. love this! The bottles were so pretty and reminded me of glass collections. Simple accents - like glass objects - really create a cool look in a small space.


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olive oil


Shugee @ Blue Heron Cottage said... 4/26/2010

Love that stone building! That is an unforgettable structure. I have a thing for stone, especially stone houses, etc. The outside reminds me of those old fashioned nougat candies.

Emily said... 4/27/2010

Awesome! I'd love to test olive oils. :)

Laurel said... 4/27/2010

SO cool!!! I love living so neas the wine country. Had lunch in Sonoma a couple weeks ago. There is a darling little secret olive oil company in St Helena/Calistoga area.. If you ever have the chance you must see it. It is pure charm , down to the little old Italian lady who takes your money and puts it in a cigar box. Napa Vally Olive CO. Not listed, not on web but locals will tell you the way!

loving. living. small. said... 4/27/2010

laurel - love it! i'll definitely have to check that one out! thanks for the tip :)

Jennifer DeDonato said... 4/27/2010

My husband and I would be in heaven!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said... 5/01/2010

What an amazing building! It must be a wonderful place to visit (and shop!)
Glad I stumbled upon you this morning!

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