Row Houses


San Francisco


I have always wanted to live in a row house and can easily say my love of small spaces could be inspired by them. I grew up in MD and often visited DC and Georgetown and my love of these pretty vertical buildings was sealed early on. The architecture, lines and texture of the facades are gorgeous and their vertical size is super appealing. I can see why I've always felt comfy in big vertical cities like New York and San Francisco. Small space ideas are aplenty inside these gems - now I just gotta get myself one! Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday!
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Row Houses


Hanna said... 7/03/2009

Those ones in Georgetown and Boston are so pretty!

J - Pachamama said... 7/03/2009

I (heart) rowhouses. My husband and I always mourned for some of the neglected ones in inner-city Baltimore. They are especially beautiful and within walking distance to the water.

jessica | destined to design said... 7/04/2009

I love these! So pretty, so old-school.

huebscher said... 7/04/2009

growing up in the bay area, my dad always hated sf row houses, mockingly singing "little boxes...all made out of tickytack and they all look just the same." perhaps I love them to spite him...but I do so nonetheless (glad to know I'm not the only one)!

Anonymous said... 7/06/2009

Just discovered your blog! Love it!

Aarwenn said... 7/10/2009

I agree--the ones in Baltimore are LOVELY! That town has so much good stuff...and so much crime. :(

perfect bound said... 7/30/2009

Baltimore has some of the best row homes in the country. i lived in one for many, may years and now I miss it so! Great idea for a post. Really great blog too...

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