Furniture For Small Spaces. Try Open Shelves.

[A line of Pottery Barn's studio shelves work in a small space.]

If you read loving. living. small. then you know that I often talk about using your walls as a small space solution. Going vertical is a way to really use your small space and there are many ways to use this space. One idea - open shelves. Line an entire wall with your every own wall-to-wall shelves to create a cohesive and balances vibe in your small space while creating a visual impact and giving your small space tons of storage opportunities. Also, open shelves won't weigh the room down and will allow for an your accent wall color or texture to be part of the room palette.

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1 Response to "Furniture For Small Spaces. Try Open Shelves."

perfect bound said... 7/30/2009

We are totally planning something similar to this for our tiny, tiny kitchen. I will send you the photos when it's finished. Don't you love those trays underneath the glasses? Genius!

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