Yes, molding. Super easy and affordable. Use molding to create a small space accent in your home that adds style and texture. I am loving the look of this space via lovehome. Have you tried a little molding in your small space?
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Laurel said... 7/21/2009

Oh I so love this look- it is rich and warm. I am wondering how easy it is to do:) Might just have to find out! I really love your blog and often share you tidbits on my blog- and also with my little friend in a tiny space in Manhattan :) So great!

loving. living. small. said... 7/21/2009

awww thanks laurel! I bet this project is not super hard. find some molding at a home store, even a home depot or lowes. have them cut it for you. Use some wood glue and a drill and you are good to go!!

Fargerike Dagny said... 7/22/2009

We chose to do this in our living room / dining room, and the result is really beautiful! I have done some posts on it, with see the results (unfurnished, though)


Karolina said... 8/17/2009

hey, this white dresser is so cool! any idea where i can find it?

ongi said... 2/17/2010

HI love the ideas that keep springing up on this blog. Sometimes I wish I had done some course with you to get some design ideas in my head!! :) But this is good too!!
Today I was having a discussion with my husband on wall papers... he hated them I loved them! And our 6 month of argument came to a pit stop when I showed him some of your ideas, adulterated with little of mine! :) (Ideally I never like sharing my secret.... which is ur page :) ... but I just had to illuminate him) ... And your page brought the pin-drop silence of "ohhh!!! Is this possible? " in our conversation!!! :)

Thanx so much!!
Keep those ideas coming!

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